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Sunday, 22 March 2009

This theme is based on a photoshop tutorial by psdvibe and it has been converted from a PSD file to a working blogger template by me however i couldn't get the alternative post styling to work on blogger which can easy be done in wordpress

you can use the included image or your own header image if you like by editing the header widget through your dashboard the sidebar is fully widgetized and some font's can be customised also it has a built in search form but you need to edit the code to get the navigation links working see this post to get them working

Tested In: IE6, IE7, Safari, Netscape, Firefox, Opera, and Chrome

corporate layout

Demo | Download

i hope you like it your comments or suggestions are always welcome

51 Responses to “Corporate style 2 column blogger template”

Segmadis said...

This is looking very good. Thanks for sharing this very good design :)

Blogger Online said...

nice design

i like black


i will add this templates on

Hasret said...

Thank you good work :)

hey...thanks for ur template..i been searching many template already at last i found your template...i like it so much...


Corporate has been featured at VOLVERENE . I`m looking forward to add more of your blogger templates for more exposure to your work. I`m actually very inspired by your work.
Great Work!

Lukana said...

Hi. I love your template. I just cannot strech the header photo till the right border... In edit, Its tellim me to shrink photo to 800px, but I cannot change it to 940 as It suppose to be. Thx. luka

Lukana said...

Hi. I love your template. I just cannot strech my header photo till the right end. In edit its says that will shrink my photo to 800 px but I guess I need 940px. Haw can I change thet? Thx vm, Luka

Lukana said...

Sorry, me again. Can you post teh colour codes for the template.. I need becground codes for the sidebar and main body.

Lawny said...

your header looks ok use colorzilla FireFox addon to pick the colour hex codes

Very Very nice Theme ,i want to create such kind of blog, thank you

prophet666 said...

there is a space created on top after adsense was setup how to remove this space

Lawny said...

i cannot see any ads on your site because i've blocked them all on my Pc maybe you could upload a screenshot of the problem

Doe said...

I want change the header picture and also background color to white, can I do for that?

Lawny said...

Use your own header image by editing the header widget from within your dashboard you can change the background colour by changing the hex code found within the body CSS code however it would spoil the layout

Tom said...

how can i change the middle frame that is under the posts to white or to a light gray or something?

Lawny said...

What middle frame are you talking about ? if you mean the blog posts you will need to create a new image or use a solid colour it would also mess the layout up

Cmate said...

Hey, I just want to change the sidebar to be slightly slimer and the main content to be slightly fatter... I did that with the code, the text was nicely done.. but the background remains.. how?

Lawny said...

the background is an image and it is added via CSS so you would need to create a new image or use a solid colour

Cmate said...

Oh, i see.. guess I'll just try.. I am not really good with html, ccs or anything alike... I just want the sidebar to be 50px smaller and let the main content run accordingly...


Alicia said...

How do I add a third column to this template?

I love it!!

Anonymous said...

Hello! Thank you so much for this template. you're great, lawny. Thanks a lot!


Lawny said...

To add a third column to this template the images used would need to be re created again and it would be too much to explain here in the comments

Alicia said...

Ok, thanks Lawny!

Anonymous said...

hey dude i just uploaded your template; i like it very much, but the problem is that when i uploaded there is no header image, how can i add it.

Lawny said...

upload it through your dashboard

Anonymous said...

thanks dude.
Also, in your demo blog the title: corporate layout; has two colors (white & blue), but my title is only in white color, how can i make the latter part of my title blue.

Lawny said...

the blog title is white and the description is blue

Anonymous said...

thanks lawny you are amazing

Anonymous said...

hi lawny,
the text in my followers widget box is black and with black background, it is very dificult to read but in blog archive widget box the text is blue.
How do i make the text in my followers widget box blue?
Also what is the hex code of this blue colored fonts used in this template?

Lawny said...

click edit on the followers widget and choose your colours then save the hex code for the blue is #65b8f9

Anonymous said...

Thanks dude.
This is a very nice template, it has really made my blog standout and has given it a professional look.
The only problem that i face now is:

When i click the ABOUT or CONTACT US tabs using the navigation menu, it does takes me to the relevant pages but the ABOUT and CONTACT US tabs does not get highlighted with blue color (they only get highlighted when moving mouse pointer over them but not after when i click them)
the only tab that gets highlighted and remains highlighted after clicking is the HOME tab.
How can i solve this problem?

Also what is the hex code for the color of fonts in posts (i guess they are gray)?

Lawny said...

what is the url of the site you are using this template on ?

Anonymous said...

i have added the url.
the blog is still incomplete but the navigation menu is workable

Lawny said...

what is the url of your blog ?

Anonymous said...

here it is:

Lawny said...

the template looks ok and works how it should

Anonymous said...

Hmmm! So it is working nicely.
Thanks once again Lawny, you really are very supportive.

Anonymous said...

I want the size of text in blog description to be smaller.
How can i do that?

Lawny said...

go to the fonts and colours tab and change text size there

KoS said...

Hello, Lawny! Thanks for nice template.

I want reapply my old design on you template. But my experiments not so successful. How to hide (for experiments) search box and top menu (home about contact portfolio)?

My test blog:

Lawny said...

to hide the top navigation and the search box use the following CSS code


Winguard said...

Thank you very much for this template.
nice and cool design attracts me and it has great colors.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the template.

How can i add a page element in the footer?

Lawny said...

you need to create a section within the footer

Anonymous said...

I added the gadget in the footer, but now the problem is that there is a huge gap left between the gadget and the navigation menu in the footer. How can i reduce this gap?

You can see it here:

Lawny said...

i don't know since you didn't leave the site url

thanks for this nice template !
i would like to ask you
how is it possible to create the pages ABOUT US, SUPPORT, CONTACT, etc
I have already upload the template, but i dont jnow how to create the extra pages
My blog address is
Thanks in advance for your reply

Lawny said...

it looks like you have figured how to create the pages

You Know Who! said...

Hi Lawny,

Dude, We are loving this template. Easy to install and modify, looks great, working great. My only question is - the link text color for the posts is almost identical to the normal post text color. I stink at code stuff, and I can't figure out how to get the link text color changed to something more vibrant, like blue. Please advise. Thanks... and you can see what we've done at

Anonymous said...

this theme is not valid xhtml and css. I dont like this. this isn't seo friendly.

Lawny said...

yes because blogger add's their own invalid code to the template which makes it invalid my code is not invalid.

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