2 column chocolate style blogger template

Sunday 19 April 2009

Here's another free 2 column blogger template based on a photoshop tutorial by psdvibe and bloggerized By me

Tested In: IE6, IE7, Safari, Netscape, Firefox, Opera, and Chrome

Chocolate Theme

Demo | Download

this template has a fully widgetized sidebar and a built in search form but you will need to edit the code to get the navigation links working see this post some fonts can be customised through your dashboard. Share and enjoy comments welcome

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This is a cool template and have featured it on my new blog.. www.bloggeruser.com hope you like it.

Centro Vaidika said...


Thank you very much for your template. It looks good.

It´s working fine on my blog except for the comments. The icon is not appearing but I have comments enabled.

Is it because of the expandable post summaries (I made minor modifications to the html for it to work)?


Lawny said...

@Gustavo Cunha
login to your blog and go to layout > page elements next click "edit" on the post widget and make sure the 4th checkbox is checked to display the comment count link

if that doesn't work you might have deleted the code when you made modifications to the template however the expandable post summaries should of still worked without breaking the comment icon

Centro Vaidika said...

I´ve checked the comment count link on the layout > page elements and still no comment icon...

Check it out: http://www.yogavaidika.blogspot.com/

Any thought Lawny?

Lawny said...

@Gustavo Cunha
you will of deleted the code when you made modifications to the template

Thanks for the helpful information. Hope to hear more from you.

Eni Rusmarin said...

How to configure the navigation link: "subscribe email"? Can I add "Read More"? Please give me Read More script. Thanks.

Lawny said...

@Eni Rusmarin
read the instructions on the live demo here's the link if you want to create expandable post summaries (read more) read this post

K-r0line said...

Hi !

I just wanted to thank you for the template :) I use one of yours for my blog but I change the HTML code. I hope it's not a problem ?

Caroline from France.

See ya.

Lawny said...

it's fine as long as you leave a link back to this site

K-r0line said...

@Lawny Yeah of course. I don't touch the link who is at the end of my blog. THX a lot, again.


buy my house said...

i was searching the theme for my ice-cream blog like this, thank you.

selling my home said...

Yum...chocolate. :)

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