3 column orange and gray template

Sunday 26 October 2008

Features of this template
  • Fonts and colors can be customized through your Blogger dashboard
  • Fully widgetized sidebars and navigation links beneath the header
  • Authors comment highlighting customized through your Blogger dashboard

Demo | Download

9 Responses to “3 column orange and gray template”

HOW TO i change the black backgrounf to white?

Lawny said...

if you change the background colour the layout will look a mess and the images will need to be recreated to change colour look for the body css code such as

body {
/*other codes here */

saul krisna said...

i really like the colors black and orange...but5 i can't seem to find any html code layout(3 column) sorry for my english.... i'm not that good in speaking in english... please help me.... heres my e-mail add


Lawny said...

@saul krisna
what problems are you having with the template ? get the code by clicking the download link

Anonymous said...

ammm i like the template and i edit the template with diferent color and i just want to know somethin how do i put the menexample:Home About Setting Those Tuff i want to know how tu put please someone can tell me i will be gratefull[sorry i not good an english but try to understan ^^]

Lawny said...

You need to add a LinkList widget in the section below the header for the navigation links to show up

Iyank said...

nice one ...but may i change all colours ?

Iyank said...

I can't do anything...cause galat..why?

Lawny said...

you can change anything you like as long as you keep my credit links in the footer

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